How to Overcome the Fear of Being Alone in the House

With the current lockdown, it’s quite possible that you’re the only one in your house. And whilst that can initially seem to be a nice idea – no-one interrupting you, doing things on your own terms and your own schedule – it can quickly turn into something scarier.

This fear is called Monophobia – you can probably work out the origin of that word, “mono” for one and “phobia” for fear. They weren’t being particularly inventive when they came up with the name.

And that’s kind-of one of the problems if you’re suffering from this fear. Without other people to bounce things off, it gets lonely fast and ideas fade away.

So, what can you do if you’re unfortunate enough to be suffering from this fear of loneliness?

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How to Overcome Thalassophobia – Fear of the Ocean

Oceans are – by definition – big masses of water. There’s around 264 billion of gallons in the Atlantic alone. Which is a difficult number to visualize. And it’s not the only large ocean on our planet.

It’s not unusual to be afraid of big lakes or oceans – the official name for this fear is Thalassophobia.

And there are lots of perfectly good reasons to be afraid.

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Are You Afraid of Aging and Death?

One of the few certainties in life is that we’re all getting older and we’re all going to die.

That doesn’t mean we have to be afraid of those things – they’re going to happen. The fountain of youth only exists in movies and fairy tales. Modern medicine can do lots of things including making you look younger but it can’t stop them physically happening.

That said, there are some things we can do to get over being worried about getting older or at least reduce the impact those thoughts have on us.

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What Makes People Afraid of Change?

Deep down, most of us are afraid of change. We all know people who are set in their ways – they’ve had the same job for years, their taste in music goes back to when vinyl was the only option, they eat the same food, live in the same house. The list goes on.

Sure, there’s a cliche that familiarity breeds contempt but for most of us that’s simply not true.

Familiarity is our own, built in, Linus blanket that we hold on to in the hope that it will protect us against change.

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How to Overcome Claustrophobia on a Plane

Claustrophobia is classified as a mental disorder according to the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders. It is characterized by the fear that is illogical because of being enclosed in a place and that you cannot escape. At times claustrophobia may cause anxiety or even panic attacks.

That said, it doesn’t appear illogical if you’re the one suffering from it.

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How to Overcome Your Fear of Needles and Injections

After receiving your first injection, you will have at least a slight fear of needles. The idea of ??a tool so subtle and delicate that it opens up your body and puts something strange into your blood is enough to cause panic. In addition to this mental discomfort, most injections are accompanied by sudden, rapid, and sharp pain.

Children who are injected for the first time are often unpleasantly surprised by the pain they experience, especially if the injection is given with less skill and speed than perfection. This can lead to a phobia of needles later in life. Even for adults, it is often nervous to see the needle advance into the skin and expect pain. Did you know that you can learn how to overcome fear of needles and injections?

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How to Overcome Internalized Homophobia

What is internalized homophobia? It is a self-inflicted destruction based on the fear of admitting to same sex attraction. Why do people do self-inflicted destruction? At times it is because society, family, friends, and the community make them believe they are wrong because they are homosexual. Different people need to handle homosexuality differently. The people who are homosexual have to handle it within and then handle the other people in their lives.

As with any significant changes in a person’s life, there are changes that need to be made to accommodate the new world. These changes will each need time, but as each change is accomplished, the internalized homophobia will decrease along with the self-inflicted destruction, and the self-love will increase. Here are some steps to take to overcome internalized homophobia.

Why People Have Fear of Clowns – Explained

How to explain the fear of clowns?

Are you one of those who think there’s something unpleasant about a clown? Did you even fear him in your childhood? You may have wondered why what is meant to be fun for some people causes extremely unexpected emotions. According to scientific theories, this is not just a matter of irony – the secret lies in something else.

There is definitely an irrational fear of clowns on the list of weirdest phobias as well. The clown phobia known as coulrophobia seems to be taking on a whole new dimension lately.

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How to Accept Other People’s Sexuality

Being accepting of others comes in all shapes, including their sexuality and in order to understand that concept good, you have to understand the person. There are some things to keep in mind when dealing with the acceptance of other people’s sexuality. Yet many people are not able to accept others as they come and they even try to change them in a way that they’ll be the way they want them to be, which is a mistake.

But why sometimes it seems harder than it should be? And why some people fail to accept other people’s sexuality? Let’s look more detailed in order to understand what acceptance truly is and why it’ll be better if we accept others as they come.

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