Overcoming Your Fear Of Bicycles

The fear of bicycles, also known as cyclophobia is just like any other fear. Many times a fear of bicycle has to do with riding the bicycle rather then becoming anxious whenever you see a bicycle. Some common symptoms of cyclophobia include a rapid heartbeat, tunnel vision, feelings of dread and other signs of anxiety that can range for light symptoms to extreme in which you cannot move and have difficulty breathing.
fear of bicyclesThe main treatment for getting over every fear is understanding why you have that fear and the redirecting your unconscious so you do not become anxious when confronted with what ever it is you fear, in this case bicycles. Your fear of bicycles may have originated from an early childhood experience where you hurt yourself when learning how to ride the bicycle. Maybe perhaps you witnessed an accident where a bicycle rider was killed.

Therapy and hypnosis have been effective at treating phobias. Speaking to a therapist can uncover what exactly your fear originated. Many times once you understand where the fear is coming from you can change your behavior and overcome that fear. Hypnosis can be used to modify your behavior so that instead of feeling anxious when you ride or see a bicycle your body may feel something else whether it is relaxed or excited.

It is also possible to overcome this fear gradually with the support of your friends and family. If you feel anxious at the sight of bicycles then try to spend increasing amounts of time in the presence of a bicycle. If you have a fear of riding bicycles then you can practice sitting on a bike and feeling comfortable. Perhaps you may need to re learn how to ride a bike using training wheels and then taking them off when you become comfortable. You could also use a two-person bike so there is another person who can control the bicycle.

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