Overcoming Your Fear Of Being Alone

Fear is usually an emotional reaction or response to a threat or an imagined state of being in danger and fear of being alone is one way this manifests. This feeling will be experienced especially if an individual believes that they are in danger. Psychologists are of the opinion that fear is a particular response to a stimulus such as pain, disease or being under attack. Some will even have the fear of being alone.

People always craving the attention and the company of others could be said to be suffering from the fear of being alone. They will feel extremely comfortable when they are at social events or when they are surrounded by a number of persons, feeding their desire for the need of appreciation and attention.

Fear of being alone imageThe fear of solitude can be termed monophobia, which is an unhealthy phobia causing panic attacks. Also, a person suffering from this condition may also experience hurtful treatments of scorn and ridicule; furthermore, they will be abused by friends, who will irritate them by putting them in situations where they are alone. One thing you can do to stop feeling alone is to distract yourself, why you don’t try to do some stuff at home like remodel it? visit the site to learn more.

Low self esteem and low confidence accompanies this condition. Additionally, these persons will experience several abnormalities, when they believe that they are in solitude. For example, abnormal symptoms like nausea, sickness, dry mouth and they will be sweaty. Another symptom is that the heart beat will go faster, which will lead to respiratory problems and temporary speech impediments. Violent attacks of shaking and the lost of psyche are other symptoms that come with monophobia.

In treating people who suffer from the fear of being alone, one may consider taking drugs or prescribed medication to cure the illness. Nevertheless, drugs and medication carries harmful side effects, which could prove to be more dangerous than the condition itself. Also, there is no surety that these drugs will work.

One can also consider treating this emotional illness by using self-help NLP methods, as these methods will train and prepare phobic persons how to value the significance of being in their own space.

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  1. Steve Hall

    I think NLP methods are a great way to help people to overcome these kinds of fears and to deal with the physical and emotional responses that happen to them.

    I have always found it interesting that the body’s response is the same whether the trigger is real or imagined.

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