Overcoming The Fear Of Thunder

The fear of thunder is no laughing matter and actually disrupts the lives of thousands of people throughout the world. Due to its overwhelming and common effect it has even been giving a medical name: Brontophobia. Overcoming the fear of thunder is a painstaking task that can take years to accomplish.

thunderMany suffers of Brontophobia will actually cower in the closet or seek refuge under their beds at the first signs of a storm. Once thunder sounds down from a heavens a person with a fear of thunder may experience cold chills or sweats. Additionally they can suffer from excessive anxiety and may even pass out.

There is no known cause for Brontophobia other than fear. Therefore, overcoming the fear of thunder is no simple task. It is generally hard for people to overcome their fears no matter how ungrounded they may be to other people. However, one of the most effective ways to avoid the effects from this fear is through simple distraction.

When a storm approaches or is growing near a Brontophobia sufferer should immediately find a means to distract themselves. They should go somewhere where they don’t see the effects of a storm and should consider wearing headphone and watching television or listening to loud music. In doing so they will keep themselves occupied and free from thinking about the storm.

Overcoming the fear of thunder can further be treated by seeking out psychological assistance. Many people will visit a psychiatrist or will seek out the aid of hypnosis in order to overcome this fear. However, there is no one method that works better over another. In fact, overcoming this fear is often left in the hands of the person who is suffering from it. You will simply need to take the steps and actions that you believe will free you from your fear of thunder.

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