Overcoming A Fear Of Heights

Overcoming a fear of heights can be difficult but it is also entirely possible. This is probably the most common phobia in the entire world. Many, many people are afraid of heights for a variety of reasons. Throughout the course of this article we are going to examine this phobia. We are going to look at what can cause it and what treatments are available.

fear of heightsHow do you know if you have this phobia? Well, you are more than likely to be well aware of it. Basically, however, if being faced with a high height causes your heart rate and respiration to speed up, you likely have a phobia. You may start feeling faint, you may begin to tremble, and your temperature can even increase. The situation might feel disproportionately dangerous.

This phobia can be extremely damaging to your every day life. It can affect every aspect of it when you least expect it. You might be afraid to have an office on a high floor. You might not be able to rescue your child’s toy from up on the roof.

Fortunately, there are treatment options available. Sometimes, going to a psychologist can be the most helpful tactic. Of course, the psychologist you choose should be experienced in helping people with this fear, which is also known as acrophobia.

You also need to learn how to control the physical symptoms of your phobia. Slow and deep breaths are helpful. They will help your heart rate to slow down. Your muscles will also get more oxygen, which will keep you from becoming tense.

Meditation during the attack can also be helpful. It, too, can relieve tension and relax your muscles. Basically, you want to turn your focus to something other than the situation at hand.

You do not have to live with this fear. This phobia can be managed. You can control it. In so doing, you can also reclaim control of your life.

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