Living in Peace Despite Worries About a Possible World War III

We live in the information age: the Internet, television and social networks are part of our lives. At no time in history have we had such rapid access to information. That is good because we know what is happening in our country and in the world immediately. That made us addicted to information and so what happens around us can affect us emotionally, which is logical.

Due to the violence and the confrontations that take place between different nations, a general fear of a possible third World War has arisen. That is not happening, so getting anxious in advance is not a good idea. Here are some healthy tips for overcome World War 3 worries .

  • world war 3World War III is not a reality today, so we should not worry about something that is not happening. Let us keep in mind that by paying attention to something that does not exist, we may be ignoring something important about ourselves or our loved ones.
  • There is something very important that we all need to know: the media exaggerate the nefarious facts in order to capture our attention as quickly as possible. Incredible as it may seem, everyone knows about these media tricks, but we still let ourselves be impressed by the media.
  • If we really fear a possible third World War, we must hold on to our faith, whatever it may be. All faiths: Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, Hindu, etc, are trying to make the world a better place. That is why faith gives us inner peace to be able to face the problems. If we feel fear, there is nothing better than praying to ease our spirit and feel better about ourselves.
  • Change the perspective: based on statistics, the probability of dying from a possible Third World is extremely low, compared to the ten most common causes of death among human beings (heart attack, traffic accident, cancer, etc).
  • We have to assume that we’re okay and so are our loved ones. We only have to worry if there’s undoubted evidence of danger.
  • To combat anguish in the face of widespread fear there is a very useful piece of advice for anyone: practice conscious breathing. We should inhale and exhale deeply when we are anxious. Conscious breathing gives immediate inner peace.
  • Talk about our anguish with our environment: we must talk about what makes us anxious with our family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. This will relieve our nerves and we will be surprised to see that there are many people who are going through the same thing as us and that will make us not feel alone.
  • Exercise: it is proven by science and medicine that exercise relieves anxiety and nerves. When we feel anguish, there is nothing better than simply going for a walk to regain our peace of mind.

As you can see, it is possible to overcome World War 3 worries if we change our perspective and focus on our present life. We must emphasize all that is good for us and the anguish will naturally disappear.