How To Overcome The Fear Of Solitude

The fear of solitude or Monophobia involves a constant feeling of dread anytime someone feels like they are going to be by themselves. This feeling can eventually lead to complete panic when left untreated. It is important that you are aware of the signs and the symptoms of this type of phobic disorder.

Signs and symptoms:

fear of solitudeThere are many different reasons as to why people develop a fear of being alone. It could stem from feeling like someone is going to break in or even worrying about getting sick while alone. The fear is generally unjust and causes a great deal of anxiety to the sufferer. Symptoms of this disorder can be mild at first but eventually become very obvious to everyone.

The symptoms of this disorder include any irrational feelings of dread, anxiety, or panic that are associated with someone having to be alone.


Treating this disorder involves a process of trying out different procedures until finding the one that works. There are several commonly used treatments for this crippling disorder.

Drug therapy: There are several different drugs that are used in treating this disorder. Although none of them were specifically formulated to treat this disease, most of the drugs are used to treat all anxiety disorders.

Counseling: Proactive therapy with a licensed therapist has shown to be one of the most effective ways to deal with the fear of solitude. The therapist generally helps the sufferer overcome the irrational fear by making them face it head on. This seems to be the best method of treatment.

Craft therapy: It seems that some people with irrational fears respond favorably to craft therapy. This could be due to the fact that doing crafts helps them take their minds off of the things that are bothering them.

The fear of solitude can have devastating affects for the person that suffers from it. If you or someone that you know has this problem please seek out the help of a professional therapist.

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