How To Overcome Fear Of Flying

Overcoming the fear of flying should start with the most obvious aspect. This is the safety of air travel. A good place to start would be to write down some reasons why air travel is actually safer than many other methods of travel. Consider there are millions of people flying every day around the world and you’re very seldom hear of accidents, then there is no need to be afraid of flying.

fear of flyingWhen you consider the safety issues, which is probably why you are frightened of flying, think about how frequent car accidents are for example. You probably not afraid of cars, and are undoubtedly going to be other things you do in your life which are actually more dangerous than flying. What is ironic is, that you probably not even afraid of these more dangerous issues.

Many people are afraid of flying because of turbulence and minor issues such as that. Turbulence is a very normal thing that happens to some extent or another in almost every flight. Plains are designed to tolerate this and there is really no need to worry at all. If anything, think of it is a bit of a fun ride. It is extremely rare that turbulence is dangerous.

Refer to this list every time you’re about to fly and you should find you start feeling comforted by it. Consider the reasons and advantages of flying and why you need to overcome the fear of flying.

If you’re fear is particularly severe, you might want to try some kind of psychological therapy or opt for one of the more experimental procedures such as hypnotism. Another good idea would be to avoid watching the many absurd Hollywood movies which often depict completely unrealistic things such as air crashes. Do not let yourself be influenced by fiction.

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