How To Get Over Your Fear of Vomiting

Fear of vomiting, also known as Emetophobia, is a very widespread feeling nowadays. Most people worldwide think that vomiting is disgusting, but no one actually afraid of it. But, those who suffer from this fear, are usually afraid of their own vomit, or of seeing others vomit.

What causes nausea?

vomiting1. Stomach bug: This is usually connected to a worry bug. People with Emetophobia are often concerned about whether or not to vomit, and they describe their worry such as a stomach bug.

2. Excessive eating and drinking, as well: We all know how this affects all of us, no matter are we anxious or not.

3. Food intolerance: If you have adifficulty digesting a particular food, just try to avoid it.

4. Motion sickness: This is something that is difficult to handle with, but not impossible. If you don’t endure well trips, you should try the “deep breath” method. Having enough Oxygen is very important to all of us, so just open the window, get some fresh air, and you’ll surely overcome the motion sickness.

5. Anxiety and worry: Both of them can cause stomach discomfort and nausea. So, if you are anxious at the moment, and you don’t vomit, it means that you won’t vomit at all.

If you have fear of vomiting, you are always on standby, because you don’t know when to expect it. I’m sure that many people suffering from Emetophobia, have the same question: how to get over fear of vomiting?

Here are some of the natural remedies, but also the therapies, that can help you deal with it:

1. The power of suggestion: Yes, if you change the words you repeat yourself on a daily basis, you’ll see how the fear of vomiting slowly decreases. Try to replace the words, such as “vomit”, “anxiety”, “stomach bug”, with the opposite one “I feel good”. Just train your brain, and you’ll see the positive results faster than you thought.

2. Understand how your body works: This is a very important step in overcoming Emetophobia, because all our fears are actually coming from the brain. So, if the fear comes, you should always keep in mind that your body is built up to protect you, not to destroy you!

3. Eliminate safety measures: If you always carry with you your “just in case” plastic bag, and change of clothing, you’re always ready to vomit. So, try not to bring those “emergency things” with you, and you’ll see how the worry will fade away.

4. CBT or cognitive-behavioral therapy: This is the method that can help you change your behaviors, thoughts, and feelings in order to improve the quality of your life.

5. ERP or exposure and response prevention: The patient is usually exposed to: videos, words, and photographs of vomiting, sitting in the back seat of a car, smells, excessive eating. The purpose of exposure is to teach the patient how to deal with the situation which causes nausea.

6. Hypnosis: As with anything we do that we don’t have total control over (you don’t think “breathe now” umpteen times a minute, it just happens), hypnosis is good for overcoming your fear of vomiting. It works with your subconscious mind – the bit that does most of the hard work in your body – and gets good results fast. It’s cheap and immediately available at the click of a link like this one.

Can I get over fear of vomiting and make my life better by enjoying the small things? Yes, you can come out as a winner, but all you have to do is to be self-disciplined and determined to beat Emetophobia!