How Do I Get Rid of My Fear and Anxiety?

If you’re not careful, fear and anxiety can take over your life.

Which has some serious, negative, repurcussions on your health and general wellbeing.

So, if you’re unfortunate enough to be suffering from fear and anxiety, what can you do to get rid of it?

Be mindful

fear and anxietyAt it’s heart, being mindful is being more focused on the present.

A lot of our fears and worries either follow us from the past – even though we can’t change the past – or they follow us into the future as we constantly fret about them.

Being mindful involves being more present in the here and now.

It takes practice to be more present – we’re so used to drifting off into the past or running all sorts of scary what-if scenarios about the future – but you can do it.

Take the time to consciously notice what’s happening around you. Pay attention to things. And take note of how you’re feeling, right now, not some other time that used to exist or hasn’t yet existed.

Notice what you’re eating and drinking – rather than paying attention to something else and not noticing what you’re putting into your body.

Find your inner peace

Your mind almost certainly has somewhere safe that it goes when things get on top of you.

But it may be keeping that from you – almost as though it’s your mind’s own private retreat and you’re not allowed there. Probably for your mind’s own protection if you’re too full of fear.

If you’re always feeling overwhelmed and swamped by everything around you, take a step back. That may not always be easy but it’s almost always possible to do.

Ask yourself what needs to happen to be able to calm things down. Maybe a short walk. Maybe something larger. Maybe a complete change.

But you need to work out what it is, otherwise your anxiety will just grow and grow.

Immerse yourself in nature

Scientists think we should spend at least an hour a week in nature.

Chances are you’re not doing that – and just walking past the occasional tree or garden doesn’t cut it. Consciously take a walk or a walk and a sit down in a park or other reasonably large green space.

Allow yourself time to notice the things that are happening around you. The greenness of the grass. The scents and aromas of the things around you. The birds flying around. Any animals that are there – and there will be animals but they may be too timid to show themselves unless you’re more chilled than you currently are.

Analyze yourself

Not in the way a shrink would ask you all sorts of leading and open questions.

Just enough to dig down and find your true self. The part of you that’s the real “you” but has become buried underneath all the concerns and worries that have built up in your life.

You need to be honest with yourself when you do this process.

You can’t just give yourself a BS answer that in any other circumstance would be telling someone to go away and stop bothering you.

Honest answers may be awkward and difficult but this mini journey of self discovery is well worth doing as it will likely uncover some deep rooted issues that are causing your worries but you’ve been hoping would go away on their own. Which, of course, they haven’t.

Doing this can be a real release and you may well notice a feeling of relief come over you as you do it.

Turn down the volume in your mind

Our modern life seems to require that our minds are working nineteen to the dozen.

Quietening the thoughts that are buzzing through your mind takes a little bit of effort but is well worth doing.

Start by taking a deep breath in, maybe holding the breath for a short time, then taking a long breath out.

Keep doing that and you’ll automatically become calmer and your mind should be less hyperactive.

Longer term, you can anchor the feeling of calmness and bring it back almost instantly. But, for now, just get to that quiet place!

Get help

Help can come from all sorts of different places.

Talking things through with a friend is always a good idea – whether that’s in person or via a chat online.

Another option is to use hypnosis to actively work with you to get rid of your fear and anxiety.

If you click this link, you’ll get to a pack of five tracks that are specially designed to help you with the options I’ve mentioned here. You can download them instantly and listen to them whenever you need help – they’ll always be there for you, day and night.