Fear Of Time, Its Reasons And Cure

Chronophobia means fear of passing time or just generally time itself. Fear of time is characterized by feeling of anxiety, panic and claustrophobia. A person suffering from fear of time can get in a very sickening state of mind with often getting dreaded feelings, overwhelmingly haunting thoughts, rapid heartbeat and tunnel vision, etc.

fear of timeChronophobia, or fear of time, is also termed as prison neurosis. It is perhaps the most common anxiety disorder that prison inmates suffer from during their sentence. Almost all prisoners become terrified by their duration of sentence and suffer from chronophobia to some degree.

To treat the fear of time an individual needs to redirect their unconscious mind. There is no logical explanation for the fear of time. It’s just the person who is suffering from chronophobia who in their subconscious mind associate the thought of time with all the negative feelings. This is why they develop the fear of time and about spending it.

Individuals suffering from fear of time tend to create that fear apparently without any basis. As the problem is all in patient’s psyche the only cure is to dig down to the source and infuse positive vibes to overcome the negative ones.

Fear of time is generally caused by an intensely negative experience from patient’s past and it can only be cured if those suffering from it are committed to breaking the cycle of negative thinking. The process includes steps working on building confidence, achieving calmness and feeling happy. There are also procedures to control patient’s anger, depression, fear, remorse and other negative emotions alike.

There is actually no treatment or cure for the fear of time. There is just a methodological process that the patient needs to go through. To be cured the individuals themselves have to mentally and psychologically go the distance.

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