Fear Of Money, Possibly The Most Unfortunate Fear

The fear of money is also known as chrometophobia or chrematophobia. It is a general concern to those who have it and causes them great anxiety over money related issues such as mismanaging money or actually resulting in making people perform evil acts. The interesting thing to note about people who happen to have this fear is that they usually realize that the fear itself is actually quite an irrational fear but they can’t control it. Still the self recognition I find interesting about this particular fear.

Fear of money image Of course having a fear of money can be an extremely difficult thing to deal with as we need money for day to day tasks and activities unless you have someone that can constantly deal with money for you. However usually that isn’t the case and you may need to deal with it by yourself for various points in time. It is hard really to say how a fear like this comes about actually.

Most things are thought to arise at a young age or come from a particularly stressful or difficult part of your life. However again I find myself trying to understand and figure out situations in which this fear would derive from.

Another question to ask oneself is how to cure a fear such as this. Obviously we can’t get rid of money because that wouldn’t make sense since we need it as our form of currency. But how could you help someone who happened to have a fear of money in itself. Like I said before you could have someone else handle your money for you but still that would then make you incredibly dependent on another person always being there.

A fear of money is something that while unfortunate again is interesting in its own right due to the nature of how much we need money in our lives.

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