Fear Of Cats Negatively Impacts Your Life

Phobia is a Greek word means fear. When you have a fear of cats, it is no fun, especially in this world. You see, cats are a very popular pet and nearly everyone has a cat in their life. It seems that cats are hard to avoid. When you come across a cat, you go into panic. Your heart starts to beat faster and faster, you begin to sweat and you get extremely nervous.

catPeople may look at you like you are funny, because you have a phobia of cats. After all, cats are wonderful creatures that enjoy being petted. Why would you have a fear of cats? Did you have a bad experience with a cat as you were a young child? Chances are this is true. When many people have phobias of something, it means they did not have a good experience with it as a child.

Many phobias start when the person is young. From then on out, they have it in their mind that the thing that scared them is bad. Perhaps a cat hissed at you and scratched you as a child and ever since them, you look at them as evil creatures. Whatever the reason behind your phobia is, one thing is for sure and that is the fact that it needs to stop.

Every time you go over to your friends house, their cat is there. You are so afraid that you actually avoid your friend so that he or she does not invite you over. You can get help from hypnotherapy or NLP. Many individuals turn to hypnotherapy in order to get rid of their fear of cats. In the end, after successful treatment, you are going to see cats for what they really are – peaceful creatures who mean no harm.

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