Fear Of Anger – Afraid To Express Those Angry Emotions

Do you live with a lot of anger bottled up inside of you all because you have developed a fear of anger? Are you afraid of getting out of control like someone did when you were a child? Instead of continuing your life with anger bottled up inside of you at all times, wouldn’t it be great to be able to express it? We know it would be. Have you ever thought of ways to get rid of those emotions? As we continue this article, we are going to reach our hands out to help you.

fear of angerThere are many healthy ways of expressing those emotions you have inside of you. Speaking in healthy, do you know what all of that madness is doing for your health? It is causing a lot of stress in your life and it is not doing you any justice at all.

Why do individuals have this fear, you ask? Well, chances are, they grew up with someone who would always act in violent ways. Those violent ways caused harm to not only them, but other individuals that they cared deeply about. Many individuals are afraid of being like their mother or father, so they repress all of that anger that have. In fact, sadly, they take it all out on themselves, instead of on others.

Dumping anger on others or taking it out on yourself is not healthy. With the right “anger control” techniques in mind, you will be able to get over this fear and learn how to express your anger in a proper manner. Anger is an emotion that is very important as it can teach us. Are you angry at someone? Then express that anger towards the person, but do not do this in their presence. Do it when you are alone. During this time, you can call names, yell, beat the pillow or kick something, but you cannot harm anyone or yourself. That fear of anger can be unleashed by allowing yourself to let it out. You need to realize that you are not like the bad guys as you were growing up.

Overcome your fear of anger here.