Conquering The Fear Of Small Things

Do you know that there are actually people who have the fear of small things? Anybody who has been to a science or physics class understands that everything on this planet is made of microscopic things that combine to form larger objects. This is true on a larger scale.

small thingsHouses could not be built without bricks, and thin thread is woven to become fabric that will eventually become clothes. Even the human body is a collection of small things. We have cells as the main foundation, which then form into tissues, organs, and whole body systems.

Even with this common understanding, though, there are still a small number of people that dread small things. Since it will be very hard to avoid them, persons living in with fear of small things will be unable to live a normal life.

Fear of small things, or microphobia, may be hard to diagnose especially if you are not afraid of something in particular. Your definition of small may vary from case to case as well. Nevertheless, the fear may stem from a horrible incident that could have happened during your childhood or even recently.

Small things may not even be the main cause of your traumatic experience, but you can associate certain emotions to them. Seeing any small thing will trigger all the fears, pain, and confusion you might had before; thus, you end up developing microphobia.

Common symptoms of this fear include excessive sweating, shortness of breathing, and rapid heartbeat. Panic attacks may start to become regular if your phobia is not treated early on.

The process for treatment will be similar to other fears. First, you have to be convinced that small things will not cause you any harm. A way to do this is to introduce certain small items to you in a gradual manner.

For severe cases, though, mild hypnosis will be applied, so you can willfully remove the fear from your mind.

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