5 Great Tips on How To Overcome Fear of Terrorism

No one can predict when a terrorist attack will occur, as it can happen at any time without warning.

A terrorist attack can certainly cause you some disruption or some kind of phobia about terrorist attacks. And most of the time, overcoming these phobias and bad experiences can be quite difficult.

stop terrorismTerrorism phobia can cause us serious psychological problems, some of them can be like: having instantaneous panic attacks, not wanting to be in certain places, being afraid of other people, depression and even suffering from some syndrome or illness.

Because the problems can be quite serious, here is a list of 5 tips to help you overcome your phobia of terrorism:

1. Deal with fear by being well-informed

As we know today, social networks are used to search for information, and due to technology many of these news are false or manipulated to cause terror or to obtain fame.

Being well informed of all the facts, believe it or not, will help you to be more confident.

This is because being informed helps us to look fear in the face, and because this action will give us more courage and confidence.

I recommend that if in any situation the information has impacted you in an important way, look for more about that information.

2. Too much control or dark thoughts will make you panic

When you feel nerves and tension you should try to relax the symptoms that are altered such as breathing, heartbeat, sweating, among others.

Although there are cases in which controlling these symptoms is not a pleasant option. This is because when we face situations that generate extreme anxiety, some parameters get out of control that are very difficult to control.

But to do this you must try to stop fighting your anxieties and anxieties and carry them with you as your own shadow. Now you see this shadow all the time, but if you don’t fight it, you will end up leaving it behind, as if it were not there.

3. Let your emotions escape

Withholding your emotions will not help you in any way, you must vent, talk to someone you trust will help you in a meaningful way.

Releasing your emotions can be very helpful, especially if we get them flowing properly. On the other hand, if we don’t allow them to surface and hide them, they can become an obstacle to our well-being. Allow yourself a space each day where you can be alone so that all these feelings can arise.

4. Avoid seeking protection too often

Feeling protected feels great, but you have to be careful not to overdo it. It is normal that at first, after living a traumatic experience, you see some people as a form of “protection”.

This is because you can make it a routine, which is quite serious. If you make it a routine, you will panic all the time because you will be thinking about the experience constantly.

5. Let it go little by little

Both direct and indirect victims need some time to accept what has happened, do not try to force it, and in case the feeling, anguish and fear are prolonged in time, you can visit a specialist.

Psychological therapies will help you replace stressful thoughts and channel feelings such as anger or fear.

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