What Is Fear Of Rivers Or Running Water And How Is It Treated?

Fear of rivers or running water, also known as potamophobia, is a morbid and intense fear of any type of river and any type of running water, from a waterfall to a common kitchen tap. Fear of rivers or running water has some different symptoms than other phobias and there are also many different ways to treat the phobia.

This phobia is a very common one that can affect a very large amount of people usually from childhood and if not cured quickly it can continue onto adulthood. Although this phobia can also occur in a later stage of a persons life if they have suffered a traumatic experience that has had something to do with rivers or running water.

The symptoms for this phobia are quite easy to see if the person has a high level of trauma. The most common symptoms will include shaking, sweating, rapid heartbeat, hypoventilation and nausea when the person is around rivers or running water. Other symptoms that are a lot more dangerous for the person are complete loss of breath, loss of consciousness and anxiety attacks.

Treatment for this type of phobia can vary depending on the intensity of the fear. Many psychologists will advise that the person suffering should face their fear after going after a series of medical tests. These medical tests can include neurological tests, stress tests and cardio tests to certify the physical health and mental health of the patient. Once these tests have concluded the patient will be treated accordingly.

If you suffer from this type of phobia, whatever intensity it has in you, you should consult your doctor to be able to find the appropriate treatment for you. Speak to your doctor about your phobia to try to find the origins of it in order to be able to treat the phobia. Every person has different reactions to their phobias and because of this it is advisable to seek medical help.

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