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When Is The Fear Of Cats Sensible?

Cats are soft, furry, affectionate animals. They can be a sense of comfort when you are feeling down or alone. They are very independent and can fend for themselves in the outdoors by catching birds or mice. Some people enjoy the comfort they get from cats while others fear them. If you are one of these people who fear cats, or know somebody else who does, understand that these people are not alone. Many people share this fear for various reasons. Here are some of the reasons why people might have a fear of cats.
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Some People Have Fear Of Cats

For those people who have a fear of cats they are also known as Ailurophobes or to have Ailurophobia, the sight of the domestic cat can be extremely terrifying.

Especially if they see it feeling threatened, hair standing on end, tail straight up, and hissing, this can actually induce an anxiety attack. It’s very important should you run into someone who has this phobia, that you do not push them to get over it. The fear is real, and according to the person’s health condition, it could actually be dangerous. Continue reading

Fear Of Cats Negatively Impacts Your Life

Phobia is a Greek word means fear. When you have a fear of cats, it is no fun, especially in this world. You see, cats are a very popular pet and nearly everyone has a cat in their life. It seems that cats are hard to avoid. When you come across a cat, you go into panic. Your heart starts to beat faster and faster, you begin to sweat and you get extremely nervous. Continue reading