Suffering From A Fear Of Mushrooms

Any irrational fear of a specific thing is a phobia and the fear of mushrooms is called Mycophobia. There are valid reasons to stay away from mushrooms and nearly all of us manage to do so without any difficulty. To the sufferer of a fear of mushrooms, the childhood instruction about the dangers of some wild fungi has evolved into a phobia. Mycophobes’ fear has gone beyond basic caution or safety.

Fear of mushrooms image Agoraphobics are often unable to lead a normal life. Other phobias have varying impacts on normal lives. A fear of mushrooms is only a small inconvenience for most mycophobes who have learned to avoid unexpected mushrooms. When the fear of mushrooms causes screams and immobility the life of the mycophobe becomes a daily challenge.

How often do we encounter mushrooms in our daily lives? Most of us cannot even remember when we last saw a mushroom. If we suffered from a fear of mushrooms we would realize there are daily encounters with mushrooms in one form or another. A mushroom can “jump out” in unexpected places and cause an irrational fear reaction. A short walk along a sidewalk beside a mushroom can be nearly impossible to a mycophobe.

The fear of mushrooms can take many forms. The most severely affected individuals will fear the sight and touch of mushrooms and the idea of eating one is almost enough to cause panic. A meal in a nice restaurant becomes impossible without subjecting the waiter to a “third degree” about what the ingredients are in the menu dishes.

A trip to a supermarket requires preplanning. The common locations where mushrooms are encountered must be avoided. Produce aisles and even canned vegetable aisles are approached with caution.

Most people with a fear of mushrooms manage to have normal lives by learning to avoid places where unplanned encounters can occur. Mild fear reactions are easily disguised. When a fear of mushrooms is having a major impact on a person’s life there are treatment options. One way to find help is with internet search. Some self-treatment methods are available but consulting a professional is always the best first step.

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2 thoughts on “Suffering From A Fear Of Mushrooms

  1. manojkumar shinde

    It is obvious to have fear with mushrooms. The mushroom which we can’t distingwish where it is poisonous or edible should be eated in very small piece if it’s test is not solty and it is not showning bad or irritating effects then it can taken for investigation. There are lot of mushroom which are edible should be eaten without fear.

  2. Vincent Fouchi

    I used to be afraid of inhaling the spores rather than the actually mushroom itself.

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