Hemophobia: Living And Dealing With The Fear Of Blood

If you have ever fainted over the sight of blood then this information is for you. You should also know that you have hemophobia. Hemophobia is the fear of blood. When the fear of blood causes actual physical reactions that are not common then you know you have a problem. You need to take the actions to do something about this. It can really hinder your life if you don’t get it under control. Continue reading

The Secret Causes Of Gerascophobia Or Fear Of Growing Old

Many people these days have phobias. And one of the most common phobias that you may encounter is the fear of growing old or also called as gerascophobia. You might be confused once searching for this type of phobia as it might also be referred to as gerontophobia.

Although it is very common, you may think that it is very odd as to why someone should fear aging. Is there any basis for this fear? The truth of the matter is that there could be two reasons for this fear.
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Fear Of People: A Cultural Perspective

Many would fear spiders, ants, flying and even dogs. However, there are some people who have anthropophobia or the fear of people. People who have this phobia fear of having interpersonal relationships and thus tend to isolate themselves.

The main characteristics of this people are being too timid, shy or cannot stand gazing at others. Most of the time, people who have this phobia will also feel terror by performing in front of people or even having communication with them.
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