Overcoming A Fear Of Snakes

It is not uncommon at all to have a fear of snakes. Most of the time, it is not rational to be afraid of snakes and the fear usually stems from misinformation or a bad experience with a snake. Maybe when you were a child, an adult who had a fear of snakes taught you to be afraid, also. Realize that your fear can be overcome.

snakesThe best way to calm your fear of snakes is to educate yourself about them. While there are some venomous snakes, most are not harmful and they are very useful. Snakes help keep the population of rats, mice and vermin down.

The saying “A snake is just as afraid of you as you are of it” is true. If able, they will go away from you and hide. Even though some might want to guard their home, they want even less to do with you and will try to stay away from you if it can get away.

A snake will strike if it thinks it’s life is in jeopardy. A snake that feels it is in danger of being stepped on or picked up will likely strike. If you are walking outside where there could be a snake, just pay attention to where you step. Snakes like to lay under rocks or logs so take care if you move one. Despite tales you may have been told, a snake will not usually chase a person.

In most cases, a snake bite is not harmful. See a doctor and make sure the bite does not get infected, but don’t panic. In the event that you are bit by a poisonous snake, seek medical help right away, but keep in mind that very few snake bites are fatal.

The best thing you can do to help you overcome your fear of snakes is to educate yourself. Snakes might make you a little uncomfortable, but in most cases they aren’t a danger to you and we really do need them.

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