Investigating The Fear Of Diabetes

Diabetes is a serious chronic disease and there are some legitimate reasons to fear being diagnosed with it. When fear of diabetes starts having a negative impact on your life and your cash, you could be experiencing diabetophobia – the official name for fear of diabetes. Like any phobia (an irrational fear that goes beyond normal response) a fear of diabetes can turn the diabetophobe’s life into a series of challenges.

diabetesPeople who suffer with fear of diabetes may have physical reactions at the thought of diabetes and may even manifest some symptoms of the disease thereby reinforcing the irrational fear. The fear of diabetes may be related to fear of diabetes medicines or treatments such as insulin injections. The long term effects of the disease can also be a cause for fear. Blindness, loss of limbs and kidney failure are some diabetes-related conditions that contribute to an irrational fear of diabetes.

Diabetes is quite common and the correct diagnosis is not difficult. Effective treatments eliminate or delay many of the complications that cause a fear of diabetes. Modern treatment options such as insulin pumps can virtually eliminate daily injections that are another cause of fear. Treatment for diabetophobia might begin with convincing the sufferer these facts are true. This takes away or weakens some of the causes of fear.

Certain drugs are often prescribed for phobias but some medical professionals believe drugs only mask the symptoms and do not work on the root causes of phobias. Fear of diabetes is one phobia that responds well to education-based approaches.

Providing the sufferer with the actual facts and statistics of diabetes to highlight the irrationality of the fear is part of the treatment. Combining this knowledge with methods of reprogramming the unconscious mind to stop the tendency toward fear has proven effective for many phobias.

While there are some home-study programs that can be very effective any treatment for fear of diabetes should begin with a visit to a professional. A professional can do two things: test you to be sure you do not have diabetes and determine if there are any underlying causes for your fear such as adrenal insufficiency.

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