Geliophobia Or The Fear Of Laughter

Another phobia that not many people may have heard of is that of geliophobia, or the fear of laughter. It could be that you’re afraid of laughing at the most inappropriate times. But no matter what your fear of laughter can be helped.

With so many different types of phobias around, it was hard pressed for therapist to constantly use flooding as a way of helping. With small types of phobias it may have been a bit easier. But how do you use the method of flooding in all cases?

For those of you who don’t know what flooding is, it’s a method where you’re flooding or overwhelmed even with your fear. Maybe it could be pictures of the phobia, or some other way that the therapist will flood your brain with the phobia. It was thought that a person would eventually become use to the object in this case.

It doesn’t sound like a method that would be that comfortable for a person suffering from a phobia. You do have medicines that many doctors will give you to help, but even those don’t work all the time. So instead it seems the use of hypnosis and relaxation are being used more often.

These methods are used, and taught to the person who is suffering from a fear of laughter, or any other fear. You will learn how you can control the fear through blocking it out, or focusing on something else.

Another great thing for help is a support group. With internet access you can find support groups for many things. They will be another source of help for you and many others who are suffering from phobias.

Never feel that you are alone in your fight of a phobia, at times you may not even know a friend or relative may suffer from one.

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