What To Know About The Fear Of Rabies

What to know about the fear of rabies, first of all, means knowing that it is a phobia that is technically called “hydrophobophobia.” In many people who suffer from this fear, it can be a completely debilitating condition. Rabies — which is also known as hydrophobia — is a truly serious and very graphic disease that causes many people to greatly fear contracting it.

Fear of rabies imageThis fear or phobia is one of numerous phobias that have been identified by clinical mental health specialists over the years. What makes this one particularly serious is that the fear that it can create in many of its sufferers borders on the near hysterical. Perhaps this is partly due to the way in which rabies as a disease is so horrible and also in how it occupies a place in pop culture.

A still bigger reason why so many people become fearful of contracting rabies is that it is almost certain to kill them should they actually contracted. There is no cure for it once someone develops the symptoms, though there is a completely effective medication that is administered should someone be bitten by an animal infected with a virus. Still, the image of a mouth-foaming dog is hard to forget.

In our pop culture, rabies has been a central theme of more than a few horror movies, including a popular movie from 1983 that featured a large St. Bernard who was bitten by a bat and then developed rabies. Eventually, this dog became a virtual killing machine. It is easy to see, then, why people become so preoccupied with the idea of inadvertently contracting rabies.

For sure, a number of effective therapies for treating this phobia exist today. Many of them, however, can take quite a long time in helping a person to resolve his or her fear of contracting rabies. Lately, there have been a couple of positive advancements in treatment therapies and which can help those suffering from the phobia resolve their issues in a shorter period of time.

For those actually suffering from the fear of rabies, others need to know that it is a real phobia that can strike terror in the hearts of those afflicted by it. This is even though the chances of being afflicted by rabies itself are extremely remote. Fortunately, those who suffer from the phobia have treatments available to them that are effective and widely available.

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