Fear Of Men – Some Reasons

Many women around the world suffer from a fear of men. This can stem from many things; there is no set reason for this occurring. Here we will look at some of the common reasons for this situation happening.

menWomen that have been beaten by men tend to have a deep set fear of men. This is understandable considering the things that they have endured at the hands of men. It would be extremely difficult to trust any man after enduring a beating of some sort.

Emotional abuse is another reason that many women have a fear of men. This can be more damaging than physical abuse, and the effects can last for a very long time. Women become intimidated by the men that have abused them in the past and this can be something that they can have a very hard time getting over, if they ever do.

Men that have shown a tendency to loud, angry outbursts can also be a factor when it comes to women developing a fear of men. The women tend to get nervous and tense up when it comes to this type of thing, which is a defence mechanism. Women can feel that they may become a victim if the outbursts continue.

Women that have experienced rape or some other form of assault can also feel a great fear towards the opposite sex. This feeling is due to the violation that they feel from having been a victimized in such a traumatic way.

Some women require treatment to overcome the fear of men that they have. This can be in the form of psychiatric care, medication, or a combination of them both. Many times this can be something that takes a very long time in some cases. Other people seem to be able to get through this a lot faster. It all depends on the situation.

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