Emetophobia: A Fear Of Becoming Ill

If you were to peruse over the extensive list of human fears and phobias, you would likely come across a fear known as emetophobia, a phobia is better known and roughly translated as a fear of becoming ill. This might in a mild way describe all of us in part, due to the fact that I haven’t met a person yet that wants to get sick. Those with the phobia though, have a very hard time functioning normally with this condition.

vomitingSomeone who has this phobia will likely spend much of their time attempting to overcome a great deal of anxiety and pressure to not get sick. This, in some cases is so severe that it causes the person to become ill. This does not help the condition in the least. You see, while it might be bad to think you are getting sick it is quite another thing to be sick and contend with this condition.

Should the anxiety or the elements cause the individual with the condition to fall ill, next comes the worst part of this condition: the fear of having to vomit. This is the real gasoline for the anxiety fire. The simple idea of potentially vomiting will keep a sufferer of this condition from doing many things they might like to do. For instance, a sufferer won’t get into a car for fear that they would vomit, cause a distraction, and be responsible for the car crashing.

You will find that through a little research on this phobia, that it most often originates from a traumatic experience that the sufferer had at some point growing up involving being sick. This might have also been someone that they cared about being sick, or some related traumatic experience centered on sickness.

Should you be seeking out a treatment method to contend the condition, you should visit a psychiatrist. This psychiatrist will likely require you to confront your fear of becoming ill by requiring you to confront the traumatic experience that caused the phobia in the first place.

Hopefully, through this article, you were able to get a little more insight into those who suffer emetophobia. A fear of becoming ill can be rather rare, but should you know someone with the condition, it can mean a lot to them for you to understand it.

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