Fear Of Beautiful Women Is A True Fear

Everyone has experience a phobia of some kind but have you ever heard of, a fear of beautiful women? Many may laugh at the thought of this fear, but it is a realistic phobia that comes with so many different signs and can often times make life incredibly difficult to live in. The medical term for this phobia is caligynephobia.

According to doctors this fear is defined as being a persistent and abnormal fear of beautiful women, no one knows when it will come on. Apparently it is based on your own mind, and the kind of women that you believe to be beautiful.

This phobia can happen to both men and women, so do not think because you are a woman too that you are automatically immune to seeing women. You may be immune to seeing yourself, but other women may cause you to break out with the symptoms of this often time’s weird phobia.

The symptoms that people who have this fear of beautiful women often face are shortness of breath, increased breathing, sweating, nausea, change in heart populations, feeling dreadful. Although, many people have differing symptoms depending on how severe their phobia actually is, these are the underlying symptoms that many describe having.

Like all phobias, this often times peculiar phobia is supposed to be linked to something that has happened within your life. No one wakes up one day and says to themselves that they are going to have a phobia of beautiful women for the rest of their lives.

Often times the phobia is caused by something that a beautiful woman or a woman that you perceived to be beautiful did to you. Whatever it is that the beautiful woman did to you caused this emotional and traumatic stress to overcome you, which in fact developed this peculiar phobia.

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