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Overcoming Your Fear Of Being Alone

Fear is usually an emotional reaction or response to a threat or an imagined state of being in danger and fear of being alone is one way this manifests. This feeling will be experienced especially if an individual believes that they are in danger. Psychologists are of the opinion that fear is a particular response to a stimulus such as pain, disease or being under attack. Some will even have the fear of being alone. Continue reading

Fear Of Getting Wrinkles – Think Ahead

In today’s world where beauty is considered all too important, we usually hear about the danger of wrinkles at a very young age and the idea of getting wrinkles often haunts us for the rest of our life. Some of us become obsessed with this fear of getting wrinkles, and others spend a fortune trying to get rid of them. No matter how you handle wrinkles, preventing them is the easiest and wisest thing to do.
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Emetophobia: A Fear Of Becoming Ill

If you were to peruse over the extensive list of human fears and phobias, you would likely come across a fear known as emetophobia, a phobia is better known and roughly translated as a fear of becoming ill. This might in a mild way describe all of us in part, due to the fact that I haven’t met a person yet that wants to get sick. Those with the phobia though, have a very hard time functioning normally with this condition.
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Can You Cure A Phobia?

People say the only way to cure a phobia is to slowly face the fear behind them. Don’t be overwhelmed when you read this. It’s only natural that we’d want to be free of the chains our phobia’s imprisoned us in. You question if it’s possible. Can you cure a phobia? So with that in mind, you take a deep breath, and begin. This question was made by one of my closest fans, I have been receiving a lot of new traffic thanks to a new SEO technique called wikipedia reference.

All of us suffer from one phobia or another, some more than others– most don’t even realize they have them. Although all we can do is try not to give in to it. We’re better than that. We all are.
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How To Overcome Your Fear Of Taking Tests

There are millions of students world wide who experience a fear of taking tests. If taking a test causes you anxiety, you are definitely not alone. The following paragraphs will provide some useful information to help students overcome these fears.

Many experts say that stress is often the result of lack of oxygen to the brain. Breathing exercises help return the flow of oxygen to the brain back to normal. Practicing regular breathing exercises can significantly reduce the amount of stress you feel before taking a test. Continue reading

When Is The Fear Of Cats Sensible?

Cats are soft, furry, affectionate animals. They can be a sense of comfort when you are feeling down or alone. They are very independent and can fend for themselves in the outdoors by catching birds or mice. Some people enjoy the comfort they get from cats while others fear them. If you are one of these people who fear cats, or know somebody else who does, understand that these people are not alone. Many people share this fear for various reasons. Here are some of the reasons why people might have a fear of cats.
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Overcoming Your Fear Of Needles

Many people have a fear of needles and this can make it difficult to have a shot. They can even become very uncomfortable around needles even if the procedure has nothing to do with them. Most times this fear results in a flight response as they want to get as far away as possible from that needle as possible.

Also some people may be fine with needles in one context while they may have a great fear of needles when they are used to take blood.
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